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It started with a vision which birthed a mission that's impacting the way thousands look at Additive Manufacturing (i.e., 3D Printing).  We know that in order for this industry to advance, it must look at it differently than it has for decades.  In order for this mission to succeed, we work closely with others that bring valuable attributes to the team.  With a unified mindset, drive, and passion, we are leading the forefront of this mission executing the vision that started it all.




MISSION:  To bridge the adoption of production automation technologies by supplying the necessary equipment, consumables, and technical services, which will allow our clients to bring high quality products to market faster through a whole new realm of technological advancements.

VISION:  To revolutionize part manufacturing by assisting and pushing the boundaries of Additive Manufacturing into mainstream production.



We supply the most ELITE production automation equipment and services through carefully selected alliances, hard work, and dedication.  With these joined forces, we've generated a team that has more industry experience from start to finish than anyone else on the planet providing state of the art solutions. Your time and investment are important to us, so offering tailored "proven" solutions that fit your applications needs will make your investment in technology a success.  


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