Mike Block (Founder) shared his vision for bringing advanced manufacturing technologies to the city in which he lived in. He saw companies starting to show increased interest and utilization during their product development cycle, but had seen many still unaware of the vast applications and technology capabilities.  After having spent over a decade in the industry, Mike felt the urge to start ELITE Additive, a 3D printing component manufacturing company.  ELITE was formed to help incubate new ideas faster through a whole new realm rapid prototyping technologies. From the initial start, that vision has become an exciting reality. Many companies continue to leveraged ELITE's expertise so they can bring products to market 70% faster.  From initial idea, to digital design concept, all the way to 3D component printing, we have the experience.


Message from the founder:

“We’re excited to bring high quality 3D printing component manufacturing services and expertise to our area.  We take addition measures and use industrial grade manufacturing equipment to provide nothing but the best.  The difference is the attention to detail and quality in our parts manufacturing compared to others, and we've noticed this by the reaction of our customers.  3D printing is not just an "additional service" as some, it is our core.  Thank you to ALL who continue to allow us to serve you in your 3D printing needs!" - Founder, Mike Block.