It started with a vision which birthed a mission that's impacting the way thousands look at Additive Manufacturing (i.e., 3D Printing). We know that in order for this industry to advance, it must look at it differently than it has for decades. In order for this mission to succeed, we work closely with others that bring valuable attributes to the team. With a unified mindset, drive, and passion, we are leading the forefront of this mission executing the vision that started it all. 

In order to advance your internal operations, it requires combining Additive Manufacturing (AM) with tailored professional automation systems that enhance throughput, quality, accuracy, and lean manufacturing. Our wide range of proven technologies and finishing solutions is the problem solver to your continuous improvement and part inconsistencies. Whether it be polymers or metals, our solutions are compatible with all AM technologies backed with decades of reputable AM & automation experience. We assist AM users with the adoption and integration of these reliable solutions making life easier.

By offering professional, industrial grade equipment, our clients will experience the best ROI for their AM operations through an experienced team that has a firm grip on the industry. We believe it's not a wise investment to purchase and then "prove out" as you go. This entertains mistakes, and mistakes cost money. We know firsthand that your time is valuable. Processes are proven and presented for acceptance before any investment and integration take place. Proving out these processes can include, Design for AM (DFAM), quality part print, automation development, pilot run insurance. This promotes lean manufacturing while giving the opportunity to develop innovative ways to streamline your "factory of the future".




Portrait of Mike Block.

Mike Block

 Founder / Chief Executive Officer 


Portrait of John Oney.

John Oney

 Applications Engineering for Production Automation & Mass Finishing Technologies