Mike Block (founder) has spent over a decade in the Additive Manufacturing Industry. Mike shared his vision for bringing advanced manufacturing technologies to the city in which he lived in. He saw companies starting to use more 3D printing during their product development cycle, but had seen many still unaware of the vast applications and possibilities. ELITE Additive was formed to help incubate local businesses by helping them bring their ideas to market faster through a whole new realm of manufacturing technologies, such as, 3D printing. Since the start back in November 2017, Mike has seen companies leverage his expertise and solutions to bring ideas to life, cheaper, and faster allowing them the credibility to win more. From the initial start, that vision has become an exciting reality. 90% of ELITE’s business is local, but with huge capabilities to provide 3D printing solutions nationwide and someday, worldwide.

“We’re excited to bring high quality 3D printed parts services and expertise to our area, and will make sure that our customers are satisfied as they continue to leverage ELITE Additive’s solutions. Thank you to all our current customers and partners that help to contribute in furthering ELITE Additive's mission and vision.” - Founder, Mike Block.