Get To Know Us


Welcome to the ELITE Community!  We’re excited to share with you our very first blog post!

Get To Know Us!

At ELITE Additive, our mission is to provide full comprehensive solutions that decrease cost and time to market. Our team provides over a decade of experience in additive manufacturing while leveraging the most advanced manufacturing technology on the planet!

Why the name ELITE Additive?

The definition for the word ELITE is a select part of a group that is superior to the rest in terms of ability or qualities. The word ‘ELITE’ is in the very fabric of our company... ELITE Technology offerings, ELITE software, ELITE services, and ELITE customer care. ‘Additive’ relates to the Additive Manufacturing industry itself, most commonly known as 3D printing. Additive manufacturing is the industry term that is used just like subtractive manufacturing is for CNC machining.

The Hexagonal Shape 

The hexagonal shape often occurs in nature and everyday objects that are fused or bound together.  Various materials are bonded together and stacked layer by layer to grow your design into a physical part.  Like it or not, 3D printed things will be all around us.

We like the color orange because...

It conveys creativity, determination, and success! These are some of our core passions and abilities at ELITE Additive.

Why use us?

ELITE’s team has an exciting history utilizing world-changing technology in what has become the next industrial revolution. Knowing this technology takes time, and that is something our customers can leverage today. We guide you to the technologies that will work best for your project requirements, and pride in doing the heavy lifting for you. We take time to understand your needs and ask the right questions.  It's nice to work with someone who has the experience.  On top of that, we offer competitive and consistent pricing.


Did you know that Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), gives you the ability to customize your internal fill style? Depending on the wall thickness of your designs geometry, sparse fill (honeycomb like) interior can be achieved to reduce print time and material usage for many real world applications. A very unique capability when compared to other 3D printing processes. Depending on your application requirements, this might be something you want to consider the next time we’re working on project together.

Note: Green color in images below represent model material.

Stay tuned as we look forward to bringing you more exciting content next month! If there are any questions please reach out to

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