Design & Engineering

Our design and engineering services provide you with the resources you need to bring the next biggest idea into this world. Once we have your hand sketch or dimensional requirements into digital form (CAD), we can take you right into a 3D printed model giving you a direct hands on experience. You’ll find our highly technical team asking the right questions and providing the right guidance to save you time and money during the product design stages.

Areas of Expertise

  • Concept Design
    Before going into the initial design phases we can render concepts to give you a visual representation.

  • Design Services (CAD)
    From a new design to an existing, we can help create whatever the needs maybe to meet project scope and requirements. With our in-depth 3D printing experience, we can even consult and adjust your design for 3D printing compatibility.

  • FEA Services
    Once your design is in digital form, we can run stress and strain tests on your design to better understand part performance before initial production.